How to Find the Best Angle to Maximize Your Press Release Coverage

When you write a press release or hire a press release writing service, your biggest goal should be to grab the attention of the reader.  Whether it’s a consumer looking to buy something online or a reporter that’s searching for content to include in a story, your release has to grab their attention fast.

You want your release to stand out from the crowd of the thousands of releases that are published every day and a good headline will help you accomplish that easily.  Another successful method to attract attention is to find an interesting angle for your news. 

When trying to figure out the best angle for delivering your news, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Is there a popular story on the web that I can tie my release to?
  • Can I add a different spin on an old story that was popular a few months ago?
  • Do I have a client that’s willing to provide a quote or a recommendation for my products or services?
  • Does my story have ties to seasonal changes or activities?
  • Has someone at our company recently received an industry award that was published elsewhere online?
  • What new technology can I use to make me standout such as social media press releases?
What are the most common problems my company helps consumer solve?
There are literally hundreds of ways in which you can find a unique angle that will make your press release interesting not only to consumers, but to reporters and websites that syndicate content.

Before you write your content or hire someone, take about 10 to 15 minutes to answer the above questions.  You’ll be surprised at the results!  If you need someone to writeyour press release please uses the link in this sentence.  Click here to learn how to write a press release.
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