AOL Shuts Down All its Music Sites with no Warning

Those of you who use any of AOL's music sites will be sad when you learn the popular music platforms will be shutting down for good.  The news broke this morning and there have been hundreds of tweets about it.

AOL Radio confirms AOL Music, The Boot, Noisecreep, Spinner, and The Boombox are all shutting down.  They didn't give an excuse or a date, so it's conceivable that it could go down any minute now.  Those of you that have profiles and other information on any of the platforms will lose all your information.

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you plan to to do.  What are your alternatives?

AOL paid more than $400 million for one of those sites about 11 years ago and I'm sure they're going to be losing a lot of money.  As the saying goes "Too bad, so sad".
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