Write a Press Release Today to Market Your Business and Get Back Links

So you want to write a press release.  You’re thinking in the right direction and you’ll get more benefits than you imagine with a press release.  A well-written press release will accomplish a couple of things.  This article will discuss how to write a release and the benefits you’ll get by publishing it online.

First, let’s get into how to write a press release.  The easiest way to write a release is to answer the following five questions.
  1. Who
  2. What
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. Why
Who is making the accouchement?  What are they announcing? When is the event taking place? Where is the release coming from and why is the announcement beneficial to consumers? 

Write Your Press Release by Answering the 5 Questions

Ideally, you want to answer those five questions in the first paragraph of the document.  By answering the five questions in the first paragraph you will ensure your press release doesn’t get reject by distribution outlets.  Here’s a quick example.

Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Who: XYZ company today announced - What: the company acquired their competitor – When: - last week – Why: to increase their product offering to consumers.

Asking yourself those five questions will also help you write your release a lot faster simply because you know exactly what to focus your attention on.  After you’ve answered the questions then you can give readers a little background on both companies and how the announcement will benefit consumers.

Most press releases are between 450 to 550 words.  I’ve seen releases that are 800 words but that’s too much.  No one is going to read that much text unless it is something they are passionate about.  Also, most distribution outlets will only accept a release that’s more than 350 words.

Don’t use the words ‘you’ – ‘our’ – ‘my’ in your press release because it will be rejected.  It should be written the third person.  Your release should also contain contact information and a short ‘about’ section that’s about 5 or 6 lines long.  To see a sample press release online please click here so you can view the format.  Pay attention to the last part of the release so that you know what to insert in the contact section.

The benefits of a press release are that you will create brand awareness.  The more people that read your release, the more exposure you’ll get.  Also, they may share it with their friends so make sure you include the social media sharing buttons if you’re given the option when you submit your release. 

Press releases also provide SEO benefits, but only if you use your keywords inside of a hypertext link.  You should also include three hypertext links in your release, but no more than five.  Make sure the links are on your keywords.  For example, if your keyword is ‘business signs’ you’ll want to create a hyper link on that keyword within the text like I did on this sentence.

Do not publish your press release to a distribution service that doesn’t allow hypertext links.  You’ll be wasting your time.  There are plenty of services that allow hypertext links.  Links in your release provide SEO value, but they also give the reader something to click on if they want to visit your website.

It doesn’t matter how popular the service  is or how much traffic it receives, it readers can’t click on a link you’re wasting your time and their time. 

Please leave a comment below if you think this article provide you with a few good ideas.  If you think of a way in which I can improve the article, please let me know.  I’m always open to suggestions.
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