5 Quick Press Release Best Practices to Get Your Content Approved

Anyone can write a press release.  When I got my first paid assignment to write a press release I had to search online to learn how to do it.  Writing a release isn’t very hard, but there are a few guidelines which you should follow if you want your content to be accepted by press release distribution services

There are a lot of reasons why a press release might get rejected.  Listed below are the most common reasons then we‘ll talk about the best practices which work well for everyone. 

One reason your release may get rejected is if you use all UPPER CASE LETTERS in the title.  It’s a newbie mistake, but a mistake commonly made.  In fact, it’s so common, many press release distribution websites list it as one of the first ‘don’ts’ on their submission page.
Get your press release approved
Get your press release approved

Another reason for a rejection could be you’ve embedded HTML, Java or any other markup language. There’s a right place to put it, and this is normally assigned by the press release submission staff on the site itself. 

If you violate the rules of the press release site you’re submitting to they will reject your release immediately.  In fact, make sure you read the company’s rules before you submit any content as it will save you a lot of time.  If you want to check if the service allows anchor text, just look at other releases on the site before you submit yours.

Finally, the last reason your content may get rejected is because it is full of grammatical errors, punctuation marks are incorrectly placed, incorrect use of words and spelling.  Spell-check your content before you submit it.  The editors will read your release before they make a decision as to whether or not to publish it on their site.

Okay!  Now that you’re aware of the why-nots, below are some of the best practices to implement when writing and submitting a press release.

Make it news-worthy. There are many news-worthy angles to a press release such as a product launch, relaunch of a website, new management, received awards, survey results etc. If your press release doesn’t have news worthy angle, then by all means, do not waste your time because it will only get rejected.

Work on your headline
Work on your headline
Write an attention grabbing, head twisting, snappy headline. The wonder of press releases is this – once it gets approved, and it really is an interesting piece, you not only get approved in that site, it might also get the attention of the other sites thereby syndicating your release. The more it gets republished, the better for your brand.

Make your press release effective by including a quote. When writing your press release, make sure to include a quote from an authority figure in the company or a satisfied customer. Sprinkle a few quotes in the middle or the end, but don’t overdo it.

Pepper it with keywords. Keywords are important, especially since you’re submitting a digital press release that gets crawled by the search engines spiders. From the title to the content, ensure keywords are included. A word of warning though – don’t force it.  You’re writing for a human being, not search engine spiders. It has to make sense to them first to make a successful impact.

When formatting your press release, write in short paragraphs. Keep it simple silly, as they say. Use bulleted or numbered lists to break up chunks of information. Make it easier to read. Why? Because nowadays, people scan and skim then if it’s deemed important then that’s when we dwell on it and read it.

There you have it.  Follow the suggestions on this article and you press release will be accepted.  If you use a press release writing service, make sure they don’t violate any of the rules.  Press releases make an impact for the brand exposure wise, and SEO wise.  Neglecting to give it a try means losing potential clients.

What other best practices are you aware of?  Please leave a comment below.
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