Gee-Bo Advertising Perfects Online Classified Advertisement Marketplace

Jupiter, Florida - After more than thirteen years online entrepreneur Greg Collier made a bold move to increase the safety and security of the Gee-Bo advertising network by eliminating personals ads and criminal activity.  The bold move paid off big time as Gee-Bo is now the second largest classifieds ads platform online and receives just about as much traffic as Craigslist.

As trade increases and many industries and businesses are launched, advertisements take on new and huge proportions. No business can thrive without proper advertisement. And in the age of technology, posters, flyers and newspaper ads alone will not do.  The internet is a powerful presence in every home and one of the best ways to catch the attention of prospective clients is to advertise over the internet.  The web is the fastest mode of communication; put something online and it will go viral in seconds. Businessmen are utilizing this capacity immensely to promote their brands.

Among the many sites, Gee-Bo is an online classified advertisement marketplace.  It was started in 2000 by entrepreneur Greg Collier for the promotion of job listings and many other services.

Gee-Bo at Roger Dean Stadium

The Gee-Bo Advertising agency is an independent online one which has partnerships with other specialty sites and has connections with free listings put up by individuals. The advertisement categories are primarily employment, automotive, real estate and general merchandise, construction, farm equipment and rentals.  Greg Collier, the founder of Gee-Bo, is all for safety practices in online classified ad sites. Gee-Bo has been described as a site where neighbour helps neighbour. It is a site created by the people and for the people.  It started as a site where people could buy and sell items which are used.

In 2010, when the problems of criminal activity and prostitution through classified ads came to the surface, Gee-Bo buckled up and started a campaign to spread awareness regarding the dangers that lurked in the online classifieds. They outlined steps to be taken, by the site’s operators to reduce the chances of innocent victims falling prey to such dangerous activity.  

Following this, Gee-Bo did away with the ‘Personals’ section in 2010. This they claimed was out of moral responsibility and in order to keep the listings safe. Collier continued to press other classified site owners to screen their ads before putting it up and even to bring to the notice of law enforcement officers the people who tried such nefarious activity.

August 2012 was an important milestone for Gee-Bo Advertising when they exceeded one million unique visitors in a month.  This happened after shifting the strategy of the Gee-Bo site to concentrating on just job listings on their website. Gee-Bo also came second only to Craig’ List as “the most visited classified site”.  

Greg Collier attributed this to their now changed focus on employment listings. Gee-Bo has now definitely grown into becoming a national site striking partnerships with sites which are specialty advertising.  People view Gee-Bo as an online directory and also like a local newspaper whose classified ads connect buyers and sellers and what is more, this is done in a safe environment.

Hence, Gee-Bo Advertising is one of those platforms where companies can put their promotions and get results quickly.  It is a secure online platform to advertise your business in a very efficient and effective way.


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