Iron Man 3 Trailer Viewed 15 Million Times on YouTube

If you’re a fan of the Iron Man movies you won’t be surprised to learn the Iron Man 3 trailer has been viewed more than 15 million times on YouTube.  As of May 5th 2013, the actual number of views is 15,877,710.

Iron Man III is one of the best movies of the year.  It’s expected to gross hundreds of millions of dollars and if YouTube is any indication, they’re really profit from this installment. 

At any rate, the trailer is embedded below so you can judge for yourself.  I plan to see the movie and I’m extremely excited about the new release.  As soon as I saw a commercial for the movie I smiled.  In fact, I’m thinking about viewing one of the other Iron Man movies tonight via Netflix. 

Iron Man 3 -- Official Trailer UK Marvel | HD

I'm pretty sure you're going to enjoy this Iron Man 3 trailer as much as I did.  Now go purchase your tickets so you can see the movie too.  Click here to go to MovieTickets.com and directly to the Iron Man page.


AOL Shuts Down All its Music Sites with no Warning

Those of you who use any of AOL's music sites will be sad when you learn the popular music platforms will be shutting down for good.  The news broke this morning and there have been hundreds of tweets about it.

AOL Radio confirms AOL Music, The Boot, Noisecreep, Spinner, and The Boombox are all shutting down.  They didn't give an excuse or a date, so it's conceivable that it could go down any minute now.  Those of you that have profiles and other information on any of the platforms will lose all your information.

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you plan to to do.  What are your alternatives?

AOL paid more than $400 million for one of those sites about 11 years ago and I'm sure they're going to be losing a lot of money.  As the saying goes "Too bad, so sad".


Gee-Bo Advertising Perfects Online Classified Advertisement Marketplace

Jupiter, Florida - After more than thirteen years online entrepreneur Greg Collier made a bold move to increase the safety and security of the Gee-Bo advertising network by eliminating personals ads and criminal activity.  The bold move paid off big time as Gee-Bo is now the second largest classifieds ads platform online and receives just about as much traffic as Craigslist.

As trade increases and many industries and businesses are launched, advertisements take on new and huge proportions. No business can thrive without proper advertisement. And in the age of technology, posters, flyers and newspaper ads alone will not do.  The internet is a powerful presence in every home and one of the best ways to catch the attention of prospective clients is to advertise over the internet.  The web is the fastest mode of communication; put something online and it will go viral in seconds. Businessmen are utilizing this capacity immensely to promote their brands.

Among the many sites, Gee-Bo is an online classified advertisement marketplace.  It was started in 2000 by entrepreneur Greg Collier for the promotion of job listings and many other services.

Gee-Bo at Roger Dean Stadium

The Gee-Bo Advertising agency is an independent online one which has partnerships with other specialty sites and has connections with free listings put up by individuals. The advertisement categories are primarily employment, automotive, real estate and general merchandise, construction, farm equipment and rentals.  Greg Collier, the founder of Gee-Bo, is all for safety practices in online classified ad sites. Gee-Bo has been described as a site where neighbour helps neighbour. It is a site created by the people and for the people.  It started as a site where people could buy and sell items which are used.

In 2010, when the problems of criminal activity and prostitution through classified ads came to the surface, Gee-Bo buckled up and started a campaign to spread awareness regarding the dangers that lurked in the online classifieds. They outlined steps to be taken, by the site’s operators to reduce the chances of innocent victims falling prey to such dangerous activity.  

Following this, Gee-Bo did away with the ‘Personals’ section in 2010. This they claimed was out of moral responsibility and in order to keep the listings safe. Collier continued to press other classified site owners to screen their ads before putting it up and even to bring to the notice of law enforcement officers the people who tried such nefarious activity.

August 2012 was an important milestone for Gee-Bo Advertising when they exceeded one million unique visitors in a month.  This happened after shifting the strategy of the Gee-Bo site to concentrating on just job listings on their website. Gee-Bo also came second only to Craig’ List as “the most visited classified site”.  

Greg Collier attributed this to their now changed focus on employment listings. Gee-Bo has now definitely grown into becoming a national site striking partnerships with sites which are specialty advertising.  People view Gee-Bo as an online directory and also like a local newspaper whose classified ads connect buyers and sellers and what is more, this is done in a safe environment.

Hence, Gee-Bo Advertising is one of those platforms where companies can put their promotions and get results quickly.  It is a secure online platform to advertise your business in a very efficient and effective way.


JCS Enterprises, Inc. is a Virtual Concierge manufacturing, sales and marketing company. We are located in Jupiter, Florida. JCS Enterprises Inc. specializes in placing Virtual Concierge wall and free standing units in multiple business locations. All units are customized for your business needs as well as decor.


JCS Enterprise Inc.
601 Heritage Drive
Jupiter FL, 33458
Phone: 561 578 6280
Web: http://virtualconciergecompany.com/
Web: http://jcsenterprises.net/
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100 Article Marketing Directories You Can Submit Content to on a Daily Basis

Listed below is a selection of 100 article directories which allow you to submit content every day.  Most of the directories allow you to use anchor text links. 

Internet Marketing Adelaide Helps Small Business Owners in Australia Develop a Strong Web Presence

Queensland, Australia – The marketing experts at Internet Marketing Adelaide have been extremely successful helping small business owners in Australia develop a strong web presence to increase brand awareness and ultimately sales.  The company’s account executives develop custom made marketing plans for each client’s individual business needs and sales goals.

The chief executive officer at Internet Marketing Adelaide said, “We’ve been successful at getting our clients on Google’s first page because we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach.  That simply doesn’t work anymore.  There have been too many changes in Google’s algorithm for that kind of approach and more often than not, a website can get banned from Google altogether if they break the rules.” 

In addition to utilizing custom made search engine optimisation and marketing plans, the company uses email marketing campaigns to build and strengthen consumer relationships.  Studies show that a consumer will not make a purchase on a website until after the seventh visit.  A well planned and executed email marketing campaign will ensure the consumer returns to a website again and again until they become a paying customer.

 “I wholeheartedly recommend the guys at Internet Marketing Adelaide.  They have helped me increase my sales to the point where their service pays for itself.  It is almost like getting free help!” – Peter McIntosh

Internet Marketing Adelaide employs a few social media marketing experts who help clients create and maintain a social media presence on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.  Facebook advertising can yield excellent results to a business’s bottom line and it’s a great place to generate targeted leads.  “Facebook advertising is so powerful I can target 40 year old professional women who are more likely to make a purchase instead of wasting my time trying to sell to everyone” said the company’s CEO.


Internet Marketing Adelaide understands the needs of the modern business.  It is a newly designed Internet marketing company that wants what is best for both businesses and the consumer.  The company provides search engine optimization services and social media marketing and email marketing campaign creation to help businesses increase their sales and profits. 


Customers Pty Ltd
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Queensland, Australia 4212
Phone 1-300-654-790
Web http://www.ecustomers.com.au/internet-marketing-adelaide/


Implementing the Right SEO Strategies Can Lead to an Increase in Google Traffic

Getting a lot of Google traffic is challenging, but it’s also incredibly rewarding, especially if you experience an increase in sales.  Traffic from the search engines is called ‘organic traffic’ because it occurs naturally.  It involves the search engines’ spiders ‘reading’ your website’s content to determine its subject matter.  The goal of SEO is to make your website as ‘readable’ as possible for the search engines.

There are certain SEO strategies you can implement today which will allow the search engines to quickly determine the topic of your website, and increase the number of visitors. The main thing you have to keep in mind is Google wants to send traffic to the most relevant websites available when a user types a search term into its box.

Focus on the word ‘relevant’ because it is important.  All the SEO strategies mentioned in this article are designed to increase the relevancy of your website for your keywords.  After you’ve optimized your site you’ll notice an increase in Google traffic in a couple months.  Be patient.  Your website will rise in the rankings, but you have to give the search engines time to re-crawl your website then re-index the new pages. 

First, you have to make sure each of your website’s pages contains a title tag.  You can find the title tag in each web page’s HTML code.  The tag will look like this:  <title>Your Keyword Here</title>.  Make sure to insert your page’s main keyword as close to the beginning of the title as possible because the title tag is the first place the search engine will visit to determine the subject of the page.

Secondly, you want to make sure you insert at least one H2 tag with a keyword inside.  If you don’t want to rewrite the old pages on your site, try to insert an H2 tag inside every new page you create.  An H2 tag is a subheading and it is the second place Google turns to when its robot crawls your pages.  H2 tags also ‘break up’ the text on a web page so it’s easily digestible, and they help to increase a page’s quality score. 

You also want to insert pictures or videos into your web pages.  Google will send you a lot of traffic if you can prove your website provides value to its users.  Pictures are extremely important and Google will place more value on pages with pictures than those without multi-media content.  Make sure you insert your keyword in the picture’s ‘alt tag’.  Google’s bot will read a picture’s alt tag to determine what the picture is about so it’s important to make sure the picture is relevant, and that it contains a keyword in the alt tag.

Another powerful SEO strategy which will increase your Google traffic is to name the picture by using one of your keywords.  For example, don’t upload a picture that’s named ‘pic 1’.  Instead provide a descriptive name with a keyword before you upload the pic.  This is important because your content management system will create a separate URL for the picture as soon as you upload it and having a keyword in the name, will increase your chance of the picture itself getting traffic from Google Images.

If you’re going to use a video, make sure the video title has a keyword as well.  Google will look at the video’s title to determine its relevancy so this is an important step.  You can insert an H2 tag with a keyword above the video as an introduction to the content. 

Finally, you can use bullet lists and bold and italic text to help increase your pages chances of appearing in the SERPs.  Here again, Google’s bot places more emphasis on bullet lists and on words that are bolded or italicized.  Those words add value to the text and make it easier for the reader to understand the content.

As long as you think about adding value to the reader by offering quality content that’s easy to read, you’ll get a lot of Google traffic.  Focus on creating web pages with the SEO strategies mentioned in this article and within a couple months you should notice in increase in your traffic stats.

Now click here to visit the Google Traffic website to learn more SEO tips and tricks on how to increase your traffic.  The website provides timely and informative articles and guides for Internet marketing professionals.  You’ll also find a lot of free ebooks to help you increase your sales and opt-in lists.
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